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AirPlus Logee integration

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Worldline Sips is a secure multi-channel e-commerce payment solution that complies with the PCI DSS standard. It allows you to accept and manage payment transactions by taking into account business rules related to your activity (payment upon shipping, deferred payment, recurring payment, payment in instalments, etc.).

The purpose of this document is to explain the AirPlus Logee means of payment integration into Worldline Sips.

This document is intended to help you implement the AirPlus Logee means of payment on your e-commerce site.

It includes:

  • functional information for you
  • implementation instructions for your technical team

To get an overview of the Worldline Sips solution, we advise you to consult the following documents:

  • Functional presentation
  • Functionality set-up guide

An AirPlus Logee card is a card stored in an electronic wallet of a tour operator or travel agency for the company account. It allows members of the company in question of carrying out transactions, for professional travel reservation for example, directly with the company account.

The end customer, namely the member of the company, therefore does not have to enter the number and expiry date of the card since this information is stored in the Wallet of the merchant (tour operator or travel agency).

The AirPlus Logee card is an international payment card issued by and associated with the payment network AirPlus. A lodged card is a card that does not belong to an individual, but to a company. It is therefore not nominative and can't be subject to strong authentication.

To pay with an AirPlus Logee network card, merchant have to provide their card details, namely:

  • Card number;
  • Expiry date.
Attention: Adding AirPlus Logee payment method on your store requires the implementation of a dedicated bank settlement flow and is therefore subject to a dedicated project. If you are interested in this payment mean, please contact the merchant support.
Payment channels
Internet V Default payment channel
Fax X
Means of payment
Immediate payment X
End-of-day payment V Forced payment method
Deferred payment X
Payment upon shipping X
Payment in instalments X
Subscription payment X
Batch payment V
OneClick payment X
Currency management
Multi-currency acceptance V According to your contract
Currency settlement V According to your contract

The authorisation duration for AirPlus Logee cards are forced to 0 day (sent to AirPlus at next remittance).

Payments are remitted to AirPlus overnight from 00:00, CET time zone (Central European Time), via a file exchange with AirPlus.

In order to offer the AirPLus Logee mean of payment on your website, you have to sign a distance selling contract with AirPlus. Then, you transmit us the contract number, as well as a one-character company identifier, provided by AirPlus, in order to save them in our information system.

All currencies may potentially be accepted on Worldline Sips (Please refer to the paragraph 'currencyCode' of Data dictionary) provided that they are specified in one of the contracts agreed upon with AirPlus Logee. Please note that AirPlus Logee contracts are single currency contracts. This means you should sign on one AirPlus Logee acceptance contract for each desired currency.

Worldline Sips offers you two solutions to integrate the AirPlus Logee means of payment:

  • Sips Office which gives you the possibility to display your payment pages and works through a server-to-server dialog.
  • Sips Office Batch which allows you to process batch payments.

The remittance modes available for an AirPlus Logee transaction are:

  • Cancellation mode: forced mode allowing transaction remittance on a predefined date, called capture delay. When this capture delay is reached, the remittance is sent automatically. This delay is set via the captureDay field. For an AirPlus Logee transaction, its value is forced to 0 (payment at the end of daytime).

The diagram below explains the different transaction statuses according to the chosen capture mode:

description of the possible statuses for an American Express Logee transaction

In cancellation mode (captureMode = AUTHOR_CAPTURE), if the transaction is accepted and the capture delay (captureDay) is not exceeded, the transaction is set to TO_CAPTURE status. Regardless of the capture mode, if the transaction is refused (responseCode not equal to 00), the transaction is set to REFUSED status.

The payment process for Sips Office is described below:

étapes d'un paiement AirPlus Logee via Office

1) The customer makes a payment on your website. 2) You retrieve the AirPlus Logee card information on your server. 3) You forward the authorization request to Worldline Sips and Worldline Sips return a response to you containing the result of the payment. 4) You display the result of the payment to your customer.

AirPlus Logee payments can be initiated using the cardOrder function of the CheckOut service. The following fields are used to send information specific to this payment method:

Field name Remark/rules
cardCSCValue Absent
cardNumber Mandatory
cardExpiryDate Mandatory
customerId Mandatory
orderId Mandatory
paymentMeanBrand Must be valued with AIRPLUS_LOGEE.
Concaténation of these two fields must be less than 39 characters long.
12 caracters max.
Concatenation of these two fields must be less than 48 characters long.
The sum of all provided journeyAmount must be equal to the transaction amount (amount request field).
Values: journeyMode
journeyData.journeyNature Mandatory.
Possible values Description
01 Seat
02 Bed
03 Parking space
04 Domestic Ticket
05 International Ticket
06 Underground
07 Bus, Car, Taxi
08 RailCard / Abonnement
09 Ferry / Ship
10 Cancellation/Refund with Fee
11 Cancellation/Refund without Fee
12 PromoCode, Coupon
13 Meal
14 Internet
15 Miscellaneous (Merchandise,…)
70 Service Fee
71 Merchant Fee
72 Delivery Fee
99 Routing Information
12 characters max.
Values: 1 to 99.
30 characters max.
40 characters max.
40 characters max.
40 characters max.
30 characters max.
Concatenation of these two fields must be less than 39 characters long.
Contains the specific information of an order which will be transmitted to the acquirer, via bank remittance, according to the terms defined between the merchant and AirPlus (supply totally linked to the format of the AirPlus remittance file).
See the dedicated table below.

The merchantOrderSpecificData container contains a set of three fields allowing you to supply specific data from the AirPlus remittance file according to the terms defined between AirPlus and you.

Here are the generic feeding requirements for this container:

Field value merchantOrderSpecificDataType Field value merchantOrderSpecificDataReference Fields formatmerchantOrderSpecificDataValue Description in AirPlus remittance
ZIB C4 AN8 Trader reference n°1
DD N6 Trader reference n°4
E1 AN17 Passenger ID
B5 AN17 Order number (DBI - AU)
BN YYYYMMDD Date of departure (DBI - BD)
JZ AN17 Destination (DBI - RZ)
J9 AN17 Project number (DBI - PR)
IW AN17 Employee number (DBI - PK)
GN AN17 Cost center (DBI - KS)
G1 AN17 Internal account (DBI - IK)
AJ AN17 Stock code (DBI - AK)
AA AN17 Deposit unit (DBI - AE)
Note: DBI stands for "Descriptive Billing Information". It corresponds to fields displayed in detailed invoice items on the AirPlus Logee side. The codes indicated in the table correspond to the codes of the fields that you will find in the AirPlus interface.

The following table summarises the different response cases to be processed:

Status Response fields Action to take
Payment accepted acquirerResponseCode = 00
authorisationId= (cf. Data Dictionary).
paymentMeanBrand = AIRPLUS_LOGEE
You can deliver the order.
Acquirer refusal acquirerResponseCode = (cf. Data Dictionary). The authorisation is refused for a reason unrelated to fraud, you can suggest your customer to pay with another means of payment by generating a new request.
Refusal due to a technical issue acquirerResponseCode = 90-98
responseCode = 90, 99
Temporary technical issue when processing the transaction. Suggest your customer to retry a payment later.

For the complete response codes (responseCode) and acquirer response codes (acquirerResponseCode), please refer to the Data dictionary.

The following operations are available on AirPlus Logee transactions:

Cash management
Cancellation V Cancellation available only on the total amount of the transaction.
Validation X
Refund V Refund available only on the total amount of the transaction.
Duplication X
Credit V

The diagram below allows you to know which cash management operation is available when a transaction is in a given state:

Possible status for an AirPlus Logee transaction

While waiting the capture (TO_CAPTURE status), transaction may be totally cancelled and then moves to CANCELLED status. Otherwise, it is automatically sent to the bank and then moves to CAPTURED status. In the CAPTURED status, the transaction can be totally refunded and then moves to CREDITED status.

The reports provided by Worldline Sips allow you to have a comprehensive and consolidated view of your transactions, cash operations, accounts and chargebacks. You can use this information to improve your information system.

The availability of AirPlus Logee transactions for each type of report is summarised in the table below:

Reports availability
Transactions report V
Operations report V
Reconciliations report X
Chargebacks report X
Note: for AirPlus Logee transactions, the paymentMeanBrand field is populated with the value AIRPLUS_LOGEE.

You can view your AirPlus Logee transactions and perform various cash management operations with Sips Office Extranet.

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