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End of 3DSv1 - October 2022

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  • Context
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Context, current situation

In mid-October 2022 the DS 3DSecure v1 Visa and Mastercard, as well as the DS Safekey v1 Amex will stop.

They are still used in the rare cases where, for merchants enrolled on DS 3DSv1 AND 3DSv2, SIPS starts acceptance on 3DSv2 and switches to 3DSv1 :

  • In case of non-enrolled 3DSv2 card,
  • In case of technical unavailability of 3DSv2.

WL Sips stops the switch over to 3DSv1 from Tuesday 11 October 2022..

What happens from 11 October 2022 ?

In the following 3 cases:

  • Technical problem
  • Ineligible card BIN (BIN missing from DS Pres message)
  • Card not enrolled 3DSv2 (in DS’s Ares message)

WL Sips continues with a CB2A 160 2019 Authorisation Request with unavailability flag with the following fields :

  • Field 59 type 0407 = 09 (VAD)
  • Field 56 type 0033 = Byte1 bit ‘5’ set “technical unavailability to implement authentication”

The fields concerned are valued as follows :

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