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3-D Secure

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How requesting a 3-D Secure strong authentication ?

In order to request a strong 3-D Secure authentication in your payment request, you must value the field fraudData.challengeMode3DS with CHALLENGE or CHALLENGE_MANDATE.

Can I deactivate 3-D Secure?

To make your customers’ user experience smoother, you can deactivate the 3-D Secure authentication depending on the context of the transaction (low amount, low risk…). This allows you to have a better conversion rate. Information about 3-D Secure dynamic bypass is described in the set-up guide.

This approach is possible for all transactions or for OneClick transactions only.

Note: the bypass has to be activated on your webshop. You need to send an email to the hotline.

To completely bypass 3-D Secure, you need to send an email to the hotline.

To bypass 3-D Secure, you must ask for approval from your acquirer beforehand.

The bypass allows you not to apply 3-D Secure for transactions where you believe that the loss or risks are limited. On the contrary, other options exist to decline risky transactions:

  • Declining 3-D error transactions: you can decide to decline the transactions for which the 3-D Secure authentication has not been performed ([3D ERROR] status(/en/WLSIPS.001-GD-Data-dictionary.html#Sips.001_DD_en-Value-holderAuthentStatus)). Thus, you do not take the risk to accept transactions for which the holder has not been formally identified and for which the payment cannot be guaranteed.
  • Declining non guaranteed 3-D Secure transactions: you can decide to decline all the transactions for which the liability shift does not apply. Only transactions with the liability shift indicator populated with YES will be accepted. This declining applies to CB, VISA, MASTERCARD only. Thus, the payment is guaranteed.

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